Monday, June 30, 2008

Kylie Jean

My how the years have gone so fast! I just had her yesterday, right???? Okay so my big girl had a fabulous birthday. We took her bowling in the morning and we were able to enjoy it with some extra people (even though this year was not supposed to be a "friend" party). It just so happened that our friends were in town from Ohio, so they joined up with us at the bowling alley. Also, Melinda was at youth conference and Dave had to work, so we had Bethany and Maddie for most of the day. Kylie loved having her friends over! We all had a great time bowling and I am happy to announce that Kylie scored a 100. I came in second place with a 129, Dalen in third place with a 125. Ty, our friend took the cake, I think with a 145. In my defense, we calculated that it has been about 6 years since Dalen and I have been bowling. Kylie got a very pretty necklace from Lia Sophia for her birthday. Most of you have probably heard the jewelry story that involved Kylie giving 5 or 6 of my expensive necklaces away to her friends at school. Anyway, I was really proud of her for getting all but 1 back, so I thought it would be great for her to get her own piece of jewelry. She LOVED it. All in all I think she had a fun day. She was a little sad that I had to go to work, but Daddy took them out to eat for dinner and then to the park.