Monday, June 30, 2008

I am so slow at posting, so I am going to have to catch up. I was on my own last week, so computer time for me was short and not so sweet, with kids whining that they wanted to play on the computer, screaming kids, messed up house and all that comes with going it alone. Last Thursday we had our cousin over for a fun day in the backyard. We played imagination games and just talked. It was a lot of fun... thanks Tiff for coming over! While Tiffany was here Malia got her grubby little paws on an apple Jacob had started to eat (but had obviously lost interest in). She kept dropping it on the ground. Her face is priceless when she got a mouth full of dirt and not apple.

Also on Thursday Kylie and Jacob had their last tee-ball game. It was a lot of fun. They did well and I can definitely see improvement from the beginning of the season. They are already looking forward to soccer season. These pictures are of their last at-bats for the season. I was just so proud of them for doing such a great job.

Lastly, after we got home from the game we had a FUN activity. The kids got to learn about keeping a car clean. Going along with our theme of family cleaning (as I showed in a previous post of cleaning the kitchen) I decided that my mess hole of a van needed a little TLC from my kids. They have spilled, colored and just plain trashed my car and I had had enough! We busted out the shop vac, the paper towels, and the cleaners and went to work. It took us an hour and a half, but I was actually quite pleased with the finished product. I still haven't cleaned the outside of the car (thanks, Shauna for the little message in my back window).

Malia was the main supervisor of this endeavor. She did a great job in her "throne." And, in Britin's true style, she was caught relaxing on the job.