Monday, May 30, 2011


I love to read... and with my super exciting job I am able to listen to audiobooks every night. It's pretty dang cool. Between books and music I stay well entertained at work. However, I have recently discovered a weakness. In discovering this I have made a short list of books I should not allow myself to read and/or listen to anymore. Yes, it is a short list, but here it is...

1. any of the Twilight series

2. any of the Outlander series

Have you read these? They are addicting! Life ceases to exist outside of my brain when I am either reading or listening to any of these. This can be good in some circumstances, but when there is so much to do?... not so good. It's as bad as trying to watch just one episode of 24. NOT POSSIBLE!

...And even as I am saying this... I won't stop. A girl can dream about having her own Edward Cullins. And a woman can fantasize about have a Jamie Fraser. YUMMY!