Friday, August 8, 2008

Vegetables of Our Labors...or something like that

So, today has been full, and I will get to explaining the title of today's blog in a minute. But you all might notice a little change in the music selection for my blog. ABBA! Last night my wonderful husband took care of the kids so 4 friends and I were able to take a trip to the theater and watch a GREAT "chick-flick." Yes, very girlie. I wouldn't torture Dalen or myself to make him watch it with me. I was able to fully enjoy it with my friends. We were loud! No holding back on the laughing. It was so great. THANKS to Laina, Shanna, Melinda and Natalie. I had a great time. I am reliving the night by listening to the music.

Okay, now, as for today. Dalen finally had his puss-filled tonsils out. We had to be at the surgical center really early, luckily Dalen's mom lives close to where the center was so she took care of the kids for us, so I could focus on taking care of Dalen. It was quick... Now for the funny part. If any of you have ever had someone you know come out of general anesthesia you know what I am talking about. Dalen was HILARIOUS! That is the only word to describe it. I was laughing so hard I couldn't control the tears. I finally had to take off my glasses because I couldn't see at all. He was reenacting going under the meds with a drunk look on his face. He kept giggling, which was funny since it wasn't his normal laugh. It was kind-of throaty and fast. That really doesn't make sense, I am sure, but as I am trying to describe it I can't help smiling remembering it. I guess I was laughing so hard he thought I was the funny one because then he said, "You're a comedian, hahahahahahahaha." It was great. As if I wasn't already loosing it, I laughed even harder- didn't think it was possible. Just then a nurse was near the recovery area and I turned to her and asked if everyone was this funny. She said, "Yes, you should hear some of the stories." It reminded me of Laina's story of her brother coming out of anesthesia last week at his surgery. Great stories.
I am so grateful, though, because Dalen has been a great patient. He is following Dr's orders and keeping fluids in him, trying to eat soft things and staying down. I know it is boring, but I know if he keeps following the orders he will be able to recover more quickly. Also, I wanted to thank our friend and home teacher for coming over last night to give Dalen a blessing in preparation for the surgery. Dalen was completely at ease.
After a little bit of rest I took a Popsicle into Dalen to keep the cold and fluids going. Malia followed me in. She is such a Daddy's girl. She wanted Daddy to share and also love on her dad.

Okay, now for the title explanation...

Instead of fruits of our labors, Kylie and I worked on vegetables. She and I picked our first crop of green beans and snipped them to prepare for bottling. She is a big helper.

A little later I gave Jacob a haircut. Unfortunately Malia was quite excited about the hair on the floor. She sat down in the middle of the falling hair and picked up chunks and put them all over her legs. She loves soft things. Earlier in the evening she got into the laundry baskets and found a dryer sheet. She loves the smell and likes to rub them on her face. These are her strange habits...