Monday, August 18, 2008

And so it begins...

The endless days of carpool, getting up by 7am, making lunches, running around, making it home in time for school to let out, the homework, reading, math, making friends, volunteering, and all other things that begin once that school bell rings on the first day.

Kylie was out the door this morning, looking snazzy in her new school outfit. She was excited/nervous for her first day. I am enjoying a little peace and quiet while the other kids are still sleeping.

Yesterday, before I headed off to work Dalen gave each of the kids (minus the baby) a school blessing, following in the family tradition. Each blessing was unique to the child receiving it. It was really great. Dalen is such a great father and very in tune with the Spirit! This is them all getting ready for their blessings. I know we don't look that great. It was a hard day yesterday. Almost everyone in the family has come down with a nasty cough.