Thursday, March 27, 2008

That's My Boy!

Jacob's Favorite thing to do is play his Lego's Star Wars game on the computer. I finally had to put a log in password so he can't sneak in and play at all hours of the day and night. However, if I forget to log out I can be sure that he is in the office.
Here are my men. I absolutely love this picture of Jacob with his dad. They are doing the "Superman" pose. Don't they look handsome?! I think I am a pretty lucky lady to be accompanied to church by these good-looking guys!

I also had to show you all this one. One day I was working on the computer. Jacob came in, wanting to play his game. I made him wait a little too long, I guess. He lost energy just sitting there, and he fell asleep on the floor. When I was done I woke him up to let him play (mostly because he had been asleep for more than an hour and he needed to get up). He stood up and so I left the room. Not to long later I walked down the hallway and looked in- he hadn't even been able to get all the way on the chair before he fell asleep again. It was too funny, I just had to snap a picture.
Lastly, here is one of the most hilarious videos I have taken of my son. At dinner one night Jacob was playing with his cup and somehow sent milk flying everywhere (and I do mean everywhere). There was milk on his head, on the table and floor and he even got some on the blinds behind him. All Dalen and I could do was laugh. Honestly, no reason to get mad, the kid was already covered in milk. Isn't that punishment enough? So I started laughing, and he started crying, which made me laugh even harder. As we have all heard, "There's no reason to cry over spilt milk." Heehee!