Friday, March 21, 2008

My Little Bits of CUTENESS!

Okay, so I was just looking through all of my pictures and found... "The Many faces of Britin." She is a hoot. I sure love looking at these. These pictures span over the last 6 months. What a joy. She changes clothes at least 2 times a day. It is currently 4:23pm on March 21st and she is already on outfit #4. Her favorite outfits are skirts and dresses. With the skirts she thinks that a shirt is optional- contrary to what her mom and dad have told her.
Another favorite of hers is to get a pair of Malia's tights (yes, they are WAY TOO SMALL) and she puts on an undershirt or pajama top to go with it. That completes the outfit. Mighty funny!
Just to look at her beautiful smile makes me happy. I have to say I am a pretty lucky mom to have this girl. Even through all of the mischief I wonder what life would be like without her- definitely boring. She is a devil with an angel's smile, and she knows it. She can get away with just about anything because she knows how to work us.
One funny thing about her hair- besides the many self-inflicted haircuts and stylings given by her brother, she hates to have her hair done. She loves dresses, frilly things, and princesses, but when it comes to her own hair, she hates to have it up. She thinks it looks gorgeous when it is WILD... just check out this picture. <-- Lastly, her new nickname is "Jinger Bell." It is a mixture of Tinker Bell and Jingle Bells. Don't you dare try to call her Tinker Bell- that is wrong (even though that is who she is referring to). She sings the Jingle Bells to her Jinger Bell nickname. She will always be my Bits, though!