Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's official, Shadow is gone.

It is official. Dalen took Shadow- our lab/healer mix- to the animal shelter on Monday. It was a sad day for our family. She was a beautiful dog, but she needs more attention that we are able to give her right now. I was at a work interview/information meeting for the post office and when I got back she was gone. The kids are a little sad, but Dalen talked to them and told them that she is going to be taken care of there, and hopefully a new family will adopt her. It is sad to look in the backyard and see it empty, but I have to admit that I am grateful that there won't be messes from her back there anymore. I love looking out at the yard during the spring and summer when my grass has just been cut, the garden is growing and there aren't torn up toys and boxes everywhere. After this experience Dalen even admitted that dogs take a lot more work than he remembers. As a kid he didn't have all of the other responsibilities that he has now. It was easier back then to spend hours on end in the yard with the dogs. Now he has a job, a calling, a family, and a house to help take care of. Not as much time as he (and I) are willing to give. So, we are praying that a nice family takes her and loves her like she needs.